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Man`s best friend sure knows how to ham it up for the camera. From surfing and to the talking dog, to singing or playing the piano, these furry friends know how to elicit a chuckle and have some fun, and fortunately, their owners caught it on tape!

Ultimate Dog Tease

Clark G., the famous talking dog, responds dramatically to his owner`s explanation of how he took some of the dog`s favorite treats and either ate them himself or fed them to the cat.

Laughing Bulldog

Laughter is supposed to be good medicine so Captain should be a happy, healthy bulldog. Having his tummy rubbed makes him wriggle and laugh.

Happy Birthday Duo

It`s sing-along time for these two Boston Terriers. When their owner starts singing "Happy Birthday," they join right in.

Buddy the Surfing Dog

Buddy, an energetic Jack Russell Terrier, has been surfing since he was two years old. Also known as the Lord of Dogtown, Buddy won a medal for his surfing ability.

Sleepyhead Dog

Digger the Westie must be enjoying some happy dreams during his naptime. No matter how hard his owners try to awaken him, Digger just keeps falling back asleep.

Sweater Trap

According to the Dachshund Club of America, Inc., dachshunds love to dig and burrow, which is a deeply entrenched instinct from their roots as hunting animals. This incessant need to burrow may have contributed to this dog`s plight. While the owners are not sure how the sweater trapped their female Dachshund, they quickly figured out how to extract her.

Piano Playing Pooch

Watch in awe as the amazing Megan jumps down from her stroller and up to the piano. Megan has several songs in her repertoire and when she is done, she jumps down from the piano and hops back into her stroller.

Scooter Riding Canine

Riding a bike or scooter or balancing on a ball are just a few of the many tricks this adorable Chinese dog has learned to do, and he even has a special costume and glasses to wear when riding. His owner, Mr. Duan, created a special bicycle for his tiny pet to make it easier for him to learn to ride.

Laughter Is Good for You

Watching and chuckling at the antics of animals like cats and dogs as they cavort on videos offers more than entertainment value. The staff at Mayo Clinic reports laughter offers short-term benefits such as stress reduction and increased circulation and long-term benefits like stronger immune systems and better moods. If you are feeling tired or stressed, you may want to self-prescribe a few minutes to watch some funny videos starring one of your favorite animals to help you feel happier and more relaxed.

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