Can you keep a dog in an apartment?

Can you Keep a Dog in an Apartment?

Any responsible dog owner will know that having the right living conditions is important for their pet, themselves and their neighbors. Considerations to make are even greater in apartment living, especially if you live in a big city where space is often minimal and access to a garden might be nonexistent. However, the short answer to the question this article asks - Can you Keep a Dog in an Apartment? - is yes! There are many happy dogs with full lives who share an apartment with their owner, but only if this owner pays attention to its needs.

Keep reading this article and find out what you need to do if you want to keep a dog in an apartment.

Suitable Dogs to Live in an Apartment

Some breeds are not suited to indoor living as they are simply too large to not cause a disturbance. These breeds include Great Dane`s, Scottish Deerhounds and Mastiffs which are typically around 250 lbs in weight for adult males. It is not only the size which counts, but their activeness which can effect how suitable they are for living in an apartment.

Smaller dogs like the Yorkshire terrier, the dachshund or the Chihuahua are perfect, but so are elderly dogs, calm dogs or those that don`t enjoy intense exercise. An English Bulldog, for example, is a dog that can adapt to live in an apartment without much problem. All dog`s will still need some exercise and play, so if you want them to behave better indoors, take them outdoors as much as you can.

Consider how much noise your dog might make as loud or persistently yappy dogs can be a nightmare neighbor for others living around you. Considering how thick are your walls or where your apartment is situated will also help in making the decision to keep a dog in an apartment.

Exercise and Fun

Unlike dogs living in a house with a garden, dogs living in an apartment must go for a walk at least two or three times a day. Those who are able to enjoy a garden should also go for walks, but this can be of less importance when there is more room for them to exercise at home. Devoting about 90 minutes to a walk is a healthy habit for both your dog and yourself.

Another important detail to note is the time allotted for exercise and play. Going to an off-lead area to play ball and letting it socialize with other dogs is very important and beneficial, one of the keys to your dog being happy.

Pay Attention to its Needs

Complying with the five freedoms of animal welfare is essential to ensure that your dog is happy living in an apartment.

However, the fact that it lives in an apartment or small house isn`t as important as dedicating time and love along with constant care. A dog is like a small child, so its well-being is more about how you care for them rather than where you live. If the owners give it everything it needs, a dog will be happy and should not have trouble adapting to an urban environment or small apartments.

Carefully choosing a dog is crucial, but so is fulfilling all its basic needs and training. By leaving a comment below, you can tell us if you`ve decided to have a dog in your apartment and what problems you might have overcome in doing so.

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