Activities for older dogs

Activities for Older Dogs

When a dog starts to enter old age they go through a series of physiological changes, becoming slower and less active as a result of the deterioration of their tissues and nervous system. However, all these typical features of old age should not going to stop you from playing together.

Here at AnimalWised we will provide you with some ideas for activities for older dogs, making your companion feel happy by your side every day. After all, there are many reasons older dogs make amazing pets!

Massages for older dogs

We enjoy massages, so why wouldn`t your dog enjoy them too?

A good massage relaxes your dog and improves the bond between you, making them feel loved, safe and comfortable. Don`t think that these are the only benefits- massages also improve flexibility and the circulatory system, among other things.

During a massage, gentle pressure should be applied from the nape down the entire spine, around the ears and on the bottom of their paws. Of course, older dogs enjoy having their head rubbed too. Watch your dog enjoy this, you will too.

An older dog needs to be looked after in a particular way, with vitamins and a good diet for their age range. By combining this with massages, you will make your dog feel more comfortable and happier.

Enjoy the outdoors together

Who said that an older dog can`t do anything? Even if the level of your dog`s activity is progressively reducing, they will still continue to enjoy the outdoors with you.

If your dog cannot walk long distances as they used to, get in the car and go to a the countryside, forest or beach to spend a lovely time together. Although your dog may not run as much, they will continue to enjoy nature and the benefits from the sun, which is a great source of vitality.

Always reward your dog

Contrary to popular belief, older dogs still feel happy every time that they correctly carry out a command and get rewarded for it. Helping your dog feel useful is an indispensable tool that ensures the dog always feels integrated into the family.

Use certain treats and snacks every time that you think they deserve it. It is important that your elderly dog does not feel displaced. However, keep in mind that it is very important to prevent obesity, as it`s a hugely negative disorder that can cause serious illnesses in an older dog. Vitamins are also important, so consult your vet on the care required for senior dogs.

Walk together every day

Older dogs need walks, but they generally tend to get tired during longer walks. What can you do? Make the walks shorter but more frequent: An average of 30 minutes a day will be enough to prevent obesity and keep their muscles in good condition.

Even if you live in a house with a garden, never forget the importance of taking your dog outside for walks. They will find the walk relaxing and full of information about those who live nearby. Don`t make their final years seem like they are in a prison.

Take your older dog swimming

Swimming is an activity that relaxes and strengthens the muscles. If your dog likes to swim, make sure you take it to a special pool or lake.

Avoid places with strong currents so that your dog doesn`t have to expend excessive energy fighting against it when trying to stay in one place. You should be there so that you can enjoy bathing together, and so that you are on hand just in case anything happens. Dry them well with a large towel, as older dogs are more likely to suffer from hypothermia.

Moreover, swimming is very good for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia. Enjoy the summer with your dog and improve their quality of life!

Play with your dog

What if your dog doesn`t have the same vitality as before? It doesn`t matter, your older dog still wants to have fun and chase balls, as this is in its nature.

Play with them whenever they ask you to, always moderating the game and adapting it to their ageing bones. Use shorter distances that are not as tiring. It is also advised to leave a toy for them when they are home alone so they can be entertained and not feel alone.

Pamper your older dog, they deserve it!

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