Holiday dog place mats

Chalkboard place mat

Guest columnist Wendy Nan Rees offers us a fun holiday dog place mat project that involves dogs and children.

Weekly Dog Advice: Holiday Dog Place Mats

A Holiday Project

Thanksgiving is almost here, and I have a really fun tip for you this week that you can involve your kids in! I love it when my sister`s kids have a school break. They get to sleep over at my house, and they are more than happy to help with my three dogs. So you could almost say, it becomes a day or two off for me. I always have an art project lined up for them because I do not want to let them just sit and watch television all day, even though they would love to. My sister does not let them watch television during the week. They always think "Tata" Wendy will let them do anything.

They help me feed and walk the boys and they love to wind them up with toys. However, after all of this, we are sometimes left wondering what else to do? So, I am here today with a great tip on how to make dog place mats.

Chalkboard Holiday Dog Place Mats

Yes, you read correctly, chalkboard place mats. The kids will have a great time, not to mention how much your dog will love his ever changing place mats. This craft couldn`t be any easier, and it provides hours of fun!

Supply List

  • Six hard place mats. They can be made of wood or plastic, any hard place mat will work. Just make sure you do not use a fabric place mat.
  • Drop cloth
  • Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray paint
  • Several sticks of different colored chalk
  • Chalkboard eraser
  • Gloves and paper masks, so the kids can help

Find a clean work area in your back yard where the dog will not get in the way, and place your drop cloth down. If it is too cold or the weather is prohibitive where you live, a large work space in the house like the kitchen table will work. Just make sure you cover the table surface well to protect it.

Now spread your six place mats out, and make sure you have plenty of room to move around. Have the kids need put on their gloves and face masks on to protect them from the chalk paint.

Shake the paint can well, and read the directions with your children, so they can learn with you. Spray your mats with the paint, and let them dry in between coats. Note: I use six coats of paint when I make my mats.

Here is a great tip: When you are done painting, use the eraser to wipe down the place mats. This helps to prime them. Now you are ready to set the kids up with the colored chalk and have them draw away. When the dog wears off the designs, the kids can erase them and start all over again.


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