Bullmastiff puppy training


Bull mastiff puppy training is an important part of owning one of these fascinating dogs.

One of the benefits of owning a pure breed dog such as a Bullmastiff is that you know right from the very beginning what to expect from your dog in the way of temperament and behavior. This means that you can anticipate and plan accordingly, and this is particularly important when developing a training program. Although every dog breed has its own characteristics, each dog is an individual and this must be taken into consideration as training progresses.

When introducing any new puppy into the household, it`s important to establish the house rules early on. These include house training, not jumping on furniture or people and other rules that are important to the family. Consistent early efforts will help settle the Bullmastiff puppy into the family and ensure a long and happy relationship.

Bullmastiff Facts

Bullmastiffs have some very definite physical and behavior traits that should be taken into account when planning their training:

  • Size: At between one-hundred to one-hundred and thirty pounds, the adult Bullmastiff is a large dog. As such, even the best behaved Bullmastiffs risk knocking over young ones or people unsteady on their feet. This means Bullmastiff puppy training needs to begin early in order to teach the animal not to jump on people while he`s still a manageable size. These big dogs also need to be taugh to keep boisterous behavior to the outdoors. Their sheer size means that even small exhibitions of enthusiasm can cause havoc!
  • Shyness: Surprisingly for a big dog, a Bullmastiff can be shy. This means that from very early on the puppy needs to be introduced to people and socialized. This should form part of his training, and it is important that he meets with other dogs and animals.
  • Protective: Bullmastiffs are naturally a protective breed and therefore make good guard dogs. Again, socializing is important to ensure that pet dogs do not forget their proper place in the family hierarchy and become aggressive towards visitors to "their" home.

Bullmastiff Puppy Training Plan

Given the Bullmastiff nature, socialization is an ongoing requirement and these dogs benefit from as much exposure as possible while they are young.

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy kindergarten can be great fun for puppies and humans alike. There is something extremely joyful about watching young pups playing and enjoying themselves with others. Dogs are naturally a pack breed and enjoy the company of other dogs if exposed to them at an early age. For the young Mastiff it is not all about fun and games- the pup will start to learn about his size in relation to other dogs. Puppy kindergarten classes are widely available and more information can be found at local training schools and dog clubs.

Obedience Training Classes

For older dogs, obedience training classes can be beneficial. These sessions continue socializing the dog while also teaching him a series of useful commands and behaviors.

One-On-One Training

Sometimes Bullmastiffs with behavior or temperament issues need special training. This type of training can address issues such as house training difficulties, through more serious offenses such as chewing, growling and biting. Specialist trainers can help draw up a specific training program to be reinforced at home as well as in a one-on-one class.

Consult Your Breeder

No one understands the temperament and training needs of this breed better than Bullmastiff breeders. Some breeders keep lists of recommended trainers and are ready with advice on the best ways to socialize your puppy. Given good training, the Bullmastiff can be a lovely, loyal and friendly pet that will play an important part in the family.

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