How to clean a parakeet`s cage

How to Clean a Parakeet

Do you have a jolly pet parakeet at home? With regards to the basic care that it needs, other than food and veterinary care, cleaning the bird`s cage is important. Cage hygiene is essential for the health of your bird and to make sure it has a comfortable space which is in a simply divine condition. Make it a weekly or month ritual, you should include it as part of your bird`s routine care. A clean cage is essential to avoid nasty diseases and conditions that could endanger the little bird`s health. In this article on OneHowTo we explain in detail how to clean the cage of your parakeets.


When we begin to talk about cage cleaning, we mean everything that your pet touches, eats from and lives in. The bird`s home should be cleaned thoroughly once a week, and you should even disinfect the cage each time to avoid anything nasty. It is important not to let dirt accumulate down at the bottom of the cage or at the sticks on which the bird perches.

In this regard, we recommend that if you have more than one little parakeet in the cage, you should avoid overlapping the sticks so that bird excrement doesn`t fall or slop into the water or onto the bird`s food. After this, to fully clean the cage you must empty the entire lower tray which will be full of food alongside with bird droppings. Remove all the accessories to be cleaned: swings, mirrors, bars, slings, food and water bowls and any object that has been inside the cage.


You`ll have to thoroughly clean all the accessories with soap and water, because they may be absolutely coated in dirt, food or droppings. Clean each object with warm water and mild soap. Before tossing it back into the cage, let it dry.

It`s recommended that drinking and feeding bowls are cleaned more often, you have to inspect them daily to check that both the food and water bowls are clean and spotless. With regards to the feeder, you should consider removing empty shells and fill them with new seeds. Do not let the old seeds accumulate on the cage floor.


Once you have cleaned all the objects in the cage, you should proceed to clean the bars of the cage. Take a clean cloth soaked with a disinfectant lotion and rub it along the bars of the cage. Once finished, with another clean cloth remove all traces of cleaning product so that it does not harm the health of your jolly little parakeet. Finally, take some paper or other dry cloth, dry and clean all or bars. You can take the cage outside to dry in the open air.


The base of the cage which you`ve taken out at the beginning, on which seeds usually fall alongside bird poo and other surprises, should be cleaned thoroughly with water and bleach. Let it soak for a bit to remove stubborn clingers and then clean it, rinse it and let it dry. Once the base is dry, place some cardboard or newsprint, which will serve to be able to remove food and other debris throughout the week, without having to constantly clean the bottom of the cage. After this, pop the base in the cage back on with all the accessories. The cage is ready for your parakeet.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to a vet if it has any type of condition or pain.

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